The ECLECTIC COLLECTIVE led by Yves Vermeire, wants to introduce modern jazz to the large public. ECLECTIV is the perfect cocktail of accessible modern jazz, with a taste for innovating sounds, funky grooves and lots of energetic interaction.

This project was born in Ghent, Belgium, and consists of a unique collaboration between a dynamic rhythm section and 3 powerful horns. Expect a high level of innovation and challenging music!

Yves Vermeire (compositions, arrangements, piano), Thibaut Talpe (Bass), Tom Peeters (Drums), Cedric De Lat (Trumpet), Elias Storme (Tenor sax), Jasper De Greve (Bariton sax)

cd one heart



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Our first album is out now! You can buy it in our webshop, on iTunes or Amazon. Or you can stream it on Spotify or Deezer.

(But really, just buy it. You'll love it!)

"Beautiful compositions, excellent interpretations and a brilliant sound. With each listening turn, the outstanding One Heart draws attention to what is happening musically"
- Jazz Magazine

We would like to give a big shout out to all our sponsors who made it possible for us to produce this album!

Who are they? Below you can find our main sponsors (go and check out their websites!) and here you can find everyone who contributed as well via the Ulule crowdfunding campaign.

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Many Thanks To


God for the gift of music!

Lora Naudts for photography

Bart for logo design.

Take a look at www.huisvdstijl.com to see more of his work

Eefje for the website.

Take a look at www.alphaderm.be to see more of her work

Our funders.

You made it possible for us to produce the album of One Heart. If it weren't for you, we wouldn't have been here.

Thank you all SO much for believing in us and supporting our vision.

ESSOR CONSULT - ALPHADERM - CITYPOLIS - HUBO - MUZIEKCLUB N9 - NUELIGHT PRODUCTIONS (SA) - Johannes De Munter - Alec Lagrange  - Jan Debock - Karen Vandersickel - Hendrik Debock - Tom Geens - Liesbeth Vandormael - Jolien Pardon - Luc De Lat - Eva De Breucker - Dominique & Rob Van Den Broek- Esmeralda Vermeesch - Christian Vermeire - Freek Claeys - Tom Cornelis - Marc Van Hijfte - Hilde Mattens - Tom Talpe - Veerle Mattens - Beatrijs De Clercq - Warre Van De Putte - Edward Lootens - Yolanda Pedro - Mireille Laridon - Helene Bjorn - Jean-Pierre Noyelle - Eva Storme - Jonas De Greve - Maarten De Baets - Claus Joke - Jos Mattens - Lies Delputte - Florian Keirse - Christian Decorte - Alexander Forrier - Wim Storme - Rudi Beeckaert - Jasper De Greve - Ruben Sebrechts - Guy Pollier - Conny Wolfert - Pablo Smet - Marc & Kristien De Breucker -  Geneviève & Jean-Marie Van Bruaene - Heikki & STRAIGHT BUILDING - Maarten & Tabitha De Wachter - Ruldof Mareen - Greg Decorte - Elsy Cassiers - Mattias Wielfaert - Valerie Peeters - Patrick Peeters - Jamina Hakelbracht Damman - Jan Tack - Mieke Borremans - Simon De Clercq - Sophie Opsomer - saxywoman - Tonia De Witte - Nathalie Van Bruaene - Bert De Rycke - Caroline Borremans - Hermandelat - Kaat Muylaert & V-Medical - Peter Vanslembrouck - Patrick Bastien & Muziekclub N9 - Heide Tytgat - Marjolein Borglevens - Ria Pattijn - Sarah De Pauw - Joris Lammar - Geert Van Assche - Katia Schelkens - Joost De Wilde



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